Contact an Attorney Like Aric Cramer If You’ve Been Accused of Prescription Forgery

Prescription drug abuse is still on the rise despite measures to control and minimize it. Some people who are addicted to prescription drugs will attempt to forge their own prescription so they will appear to be legally obtaining the drugs. However, if they are caught doing this, they do face significant penalties.

What Does Forging a Prescription Mean?

Forging a prescription means creating a fake prescription with the intent to purchase controlled substances. This could include a person who steals the prescription pad for a doctor’s office and creates their own prescriptions to use.

It could also include a person who alters their prescription to purchase a larger number of pills than the doctor actually prescribed. It can be a person who tries to create their own prescription pad or who purchases one online to use. 

What Happens if a Person is Caught?

A person can face a number of different charges if they are caught. Forging a prescription is its own charge and is a felony. They could also be charged with possession of the drugs as well as possession with the intent to sell if it can be shown they purchased the prescription drugs to sell to other people who wanted them.

Contact an Attorney for Help

An attorney may be able to minimize the penalties a person is facing and could help them obtain rehabilitation or other assistance instead of serving a lengthy jail time. The help an attorney can offer will depend on the charges they face, if they’ve been convicted of similar charges in the past, and the extent of the charges they’re facing. It is possible for the person to avoid felony charges and a lengthy jail term in some cases, but they will need to contact an attorney immediately for assistance.

If you’ve been arrested and charged with forging a prescription, it’s essential to contact a lawyer right away. You are facing incredibly serious charges that could result in a significant amount of jail time if you’re convicted. Contact Aric Cramer now to learn more or to get the help you need to fight these charges.