Diesel Vehicles Can Get More Miles to the Gallon

The Peugeot automobile company is renowned for the International awards their vehicles have received. The company began as a family business long ago in 1810; starting out as a coffee mill company, graduating to manufacturing bicycles from 1830 to 1882. In 1882 it began manufacturing cars. Some models manufactured as far back as 1950 are still being driven in countries such as Africa and Cuba. The company decided on using a Lion trademark along with the words “motion and emotion” to describe their company and their vehicles. The Lion is their proud insignia.

Beginning in Sochaux, France

The Peugeot company has diversified itself into a line of luxury model vehicles, commercial vehicles, and sports cars, that are well known all over the world. They still operate a huge manufacturing plant in the town of Sochaux, France, where it had it’s beginnings. It also has motorcycle, cycle, and sports car divisions and has won many European Car of the Year awards.

Innovation and Improving

This company is constantly striving to improve and create vehicles with good looks, high fuel mileage, fast moving, yet comfortable vehicles. This is what they feel has been accomplished with the Peugeot 2008 in France. It’s receiving reviews rating it as being a vehicle that’s still a hatchback, but in an SUV sort of way.

Affordability of Every Model

The cost for a 2016 vehicle is £16,085 for the lowest cost model, to £21,995 for a 2016 diesel model. For those individuals who don’t want to stop as frequently at the pump, they’ll be happy to note that diesel models can receive as high as 75 miles per gallon. For people who travel a lot through the course of a week, this is a superb vehicle to own.

Reviewers Make a Decision

Those individuals reviewing various models of this exceptional vehicle have chosen the 5 door, Peugeot, Allure vehicle that receives 71 miles per gallon of fuel. It’s cute, quick, beautiful and roomy on the inside. Dealerships have these fuel efficient models available for purchase right now. Brochures can be ordered from them, plus test drives can be booked online. Finding the perfect model will be easy with help from their associates.