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Deviate from the Common Wedding Ideas and Be Featured on Style Me Pretty

Many people are looking for methods that will allow their wedding to get featured on a wedding blog like style me pretty more so are you one of those people? If you are one of those brides who are very stylish then getting featured in this blog is really a dream come true. It is not impossible to get your wedding featured on a top wedding blog like style me pretty so long as you know what steps and suggestions to follow. If you are interested to know what those secrets are then stay tuned and read further.

Pivotal Steps to Land a Spot on Style Me Pretty Wedding Blog

1. Submit High – Resolution Photos of Your Wedding

It is not a bad idea to use photos that are black and white but if your purpose is to get your wedding featured then it would be best to use the colored ones since the black and white photos don’t look that good in blogs.

Without a doubt online visitors of a particular blog are up for all the details of the wedding.

If you will use black black-and-white photos then viewers will not have a chance to see how dashing the colors of the bridesmaids’ dresses as well as the color of the flowers used in your wedding. But of course, they also publish a couple of black and white photos. If you will be using black and white photos then you need to make sure the colored photos are also affiliated,

2. The Photos Must Be Worth a Thousand Words

Pictures indeed convey a thousand words, with that being said wedding images must convey the story of how your dream wedding comes into reality.

The shots must clearly depict what the audience felt as you tie the knot. Readers of wedding blog want a full disclosure of the entire wedding from the getting ready phase of the wedding to the astonishing after party.

It is inevitable for people to get nosy as to what makes your wedding entirely different from the others and so it is a good idea to include photos of the wedding gown and the bridesmaid’s dresses, decorations, and other unique details of your wedding.

3. Make use of a Good Wedding Description

As much as possible you need to be precise with the details of your wedding.

You can begin by stating what your expected outcomes for the wedding are. You can also explain why you choose a certain style and color for your wedding. Don’t forget the things that makes your wedding unique and different from other weddings.

Just try putting yourself in the shoes of the readers, what would you want to read on a particular wedding blog?

Readers may not know a thing or two about the bride they would certainly love to know why they choose certain things like the cake, flowers and dress. It is okay to ask the help of wedding planners on this one but nothing really beats the information from the couple themselves.