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Solar Shades: What Are The Advantages Of Installing Them In

Today, the most pressing point in the world is energy conservation. High-efficiency sun shades can block up to 95 percent of sunrays and depending on your requirement, you might want to choose shades that do not block so much sun light. Solar Shades are just like other window shades and operate the same way traditional window shades does, like you can lower or raise them whenever you want but, the only difference is that they are designed specifically to block the harmful UV rays, glare and reduce the heat gain during the summer.

Price advantage

Since they prevent light from entering the home and heating up the interiors, solar shades reduce your air conditioning bills. According to studies, you can save as much as 35 percent of the energy consumed by your HVAC system by using solar shades.

Protection for sunrays

Although sunrays are beneficial to the body, radiations of certain wavelengths called Ultraviolet rays or UV rays are not good at all.

Protection for interior fixtures

The furnishings in your home became dull and faded when sun rays fall on them and by installing solar shades, you can increase the longevity of the rugs, draperies, furniture and carpets in your home or office.

Easy to maintain

There is nothing complicated about cleaning them. Surprisingly, solar shades discourage pests from entering the room.

High ROI

They are very tough and long lasting as well and within some time of installation, they begin to pay back since they save a significant percentage of your energy bills every month. So, you cannot refute the benefits of solar shades.

If you are renovating your home and planning to go for Solar Shades then do have a look at some of the material facts discussed below about it before buying it.


When it comes to installation, it requires ladders if it needs to be mounted on the windows of the second floor and storing the screens could be quite difficult to get rid of if you don’t have a garage or any separate store room.


Moreover, it becomes difficult to get it undone if any hole or cut occurs in it.

Moreover, these window shades also preserve the view and improve the privacy, if you don’t like people to get a view of your room or home.

Above we have seen head to toe information about solar shades and if you feel that your home or room is not comfortable due to unwanted heat or glare of the sun during a day, then these amazing window shades are a perfect option for you to cover your window with!

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